Quran classes and awards of learning Quran

Quran classes and awards of learning the Quran is interesting. Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH said in one of his Ahadith, ‘ the truest and authentic book is the book of Allah Almighty. ‘

Prophet Muhammad PBUH emphasized a lot to learn the holy book of the Quran. But, it is important to make clear either learning is enough, or we should go forward in this way. In fact, the present Hadith, like several other Ahadith and the verses of the Holy Quran, gives us the lesson that it is the true book; in other words, they lay stress what is inside the holy Quran and try to compel us that there is no need to go to any book while leaving this.

Alhamdulillah, we are all Muslims; it is our religious responsibility to learn the basics of Islam and practically impose its teachings in our life. In this way, we will be successful in both of our life.

The simple question comes before us how to learn the holy Quran. If we talk about the past age, the old learning of way of Quran is the still present and playing its great rule for Ummah in learning the holy Quran.

This reason for the question which takes place in our mind regarding the learning of the Holy Quran is the presence of another way of learning the Quran, which is called the modern way of learning the holy Quran. A lot of Muslims, particularly living in advanced trying, are rushing to use this system for the Quranic education of their children.

The third big way of learning the Quran is to learn the holy Quran from their parents, which is common in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Another way of learning the Quran, particularly which the adult people use, is to learn the holy Quran from YouTube. They are successfully carrying out their task.

Let us see what the details are of these Quran classes.

Learning Quran from teachers in mosques or seminaries

The present method of learning the holy Quran is the old and precious method; it is the famous method because Prophet Muhammad PBUH started to teach the Holy Quran in this way. In this way, a student has to physically present before the teacher; then, the teacher makes the students learn the holy Quran.

Commonly, a mosque or seminaries is the place where this learning takes place. Some people like this method, and some do not. All the man-made system has defects and beauties equally; it happens what with this learning system of the holy Quran, for example, sometime teacher has their compulsions, he or she has to absent from the class, sometimes the student has his problem, he or she has to off the class.

The importance of this classical method cannot be refused because it was the way of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Learning Quran from online Quran classes through the Internet

There is another magnificent way by which the students of advanced countries learn the holy Quran. This is the way of online Quran learning. The Internet becomes an important central figure in online Quran classes.

In these Quran online classes, the students have not to present in the class, rather than the teacher, and the students are connected with the Internet. There are different benefits and damages to this system; for example, if the Internet is not available, the students become helpless and unable to attend the class. While we talk about the benefits of this system, for example, if the weather is not suitable, there is no need to be tense because the student attends the online Quran classes from home.

This is the result of improvement and the constant research in the file of connectivity. The improvement brought many changes in our daily life; one of the changes came in our education field, due to which we are attending online Quran classes from our home.

Like the above system of learning the Quran, online Quran classes have their benefits and damages. The hectic work of research is being carried out in the present filed, which will get good results.

We should be hopeful of betterment in all situations.

Learning Quran from parents

It is one of the great methods by which thousands of students are learning the holy Quran from their parents. Definitely, the parents got the education of the Holy Quran from the traditional way of learning the Holy Quran. Definitely, they, then, are able to give the education of the holy Quran to their children.

Mostly, this method is adopted in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, which is one of the successful systems of learning the Quran from . In this way, the students get the education of the holy Quran without coming into pressure. They get confidence, and surely, they are also able to teach the holy Quran to their children.

Learning Quran from YouTube

It has been noted that the adult students who want to get the education of the holy Quran cannot get because of some issues; for example, they cannot be able to manipulate the schedule of the class. These students get the education of the holy Quran from Youtube.

YouTube is the best source where there are all classes available in the form of learning tutorials. They attend the video tutorial of each class and easily learn the holy Quran. Surely, it is the better way to learn Quran.

Learning the Quran from a teacher in the home

It has been noted that some people learn the holy Quran from the teacher at their home. They, in fact, hire the teacher on salary, the teacher comes in their home, and they get the education of the holy Quran. This system of learning the Quran has its own benefits; for example, the teacher pays full attention to their students who are hardly two or three in numbers. They easily employ their strategy over the students.

There are different ways of learning the Quran, which the people use to get the education and teachings of the Holy Quran.

Awards of learning Quran

When a Muslim wants to learn about Islam, he must learn the teachings of the Holy Quran because he will feel the need to spend the life according to the orders of Allah. The only source which provides us these orders, teachings, and instruction, is the source of the book of Allah.

Therefore, Allah Almighty, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and some great notable scholars emphasized learning the Holy Quran through attention and implemented its teachings and instruction in practical life.

We are strongly supposed to learn the holy Quran from the basics.

There are some Ahadith which describes awards of the learning of the Holy Quran. These Ahadith also make clear the need to learn the holy Quran.

For example, Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, ‘the person will be best amongst all of you, who will keep himself busy in the education of the Quran.’

The present Hadith advocates the need to learn the holy Quran. In several places, it was said by Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran that this is the true book, the purpose of the Allah Almighty is to make us assure that the only source by which we can get ourselves free from all troubles is the source of Holy Quran.

We should learn it; if we do not learn it and we do not spend our life according to the orders of Allah Almighty, we will definitely face bad conditions at the Day of judgment.

In another Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, ‘there are two things which will rescue you from your bad conditions at the Day of judgment, the first thing is the recitation of the Holy Quran and the second is the fasting of the holy month of Ramadan. The recitation of the Holy Quran will request to Allah that I have kept him awake in the long nights without any sleep; I request you to forgive him, the fasting will say O my Allah, I have kept him without anything eating and drinking in the long days of summer, So, Allah will forgive our all sins.’

This present Hadith describes the blessings of the recitation of the Holy Quran, which is the great book of Allah Almighty; there are several other blessings of the Holy Quran, which we can receive only by reciting the Holy Quran. It means that the Holy Quran is the source that will save us from Hell, which is a bad destination, according to the Holy Quran.

In another Hadith of beloved Prophet PBUH, narrated by Umar RA, ‘Allah Almighty, due to the Holy Quran, make some people raise their standard high and for others, people, make low their standards.’

In the present Hadith, Prophet Muhammad PBUH clearly said that if one learns the Holy Quran and act upon it, he will never be downgraded with the help of Allah Almighty, if one rejects the holy Quran and its instruction and follows the way of his own, Allah will not help him ever, he will be downgraded. We should guess what the reason behind our degradation is.

In Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, narrate by unknown,’ the person who keeps the instruction of the Holy Quran in front of him, it will take him to the paradise and the person who rejects the teachings of the Holy Quran and push it behind him, it will push them to the Hellfire. ‘

We all know that the Hellfire is the worst destination for everyone; we should keep themselves aware of the condition of the people who will be in Hellfire. The only source which we have to save ourselves from Hellfire is the source of the holy book of Allah Almighty.

We should pay our attention completely to the teachings of the Holy Quran. It is the surety of success in both our lives.