Raynar Portfolio Management Exceeds £50 Million Milestone

Philip Rodrigs achieves major success for the boutique investment firm despite COVID-19.

Philip Rodrigs, Founder and portfolio manager of Raynar Portfolio Management is delighted to announce that just seven months after the firm’s launch, RPM has already grown its assets under management to over £50 million. RPM’s strategy factsheets conclude that its AUM reached an impressive £56.5 million at the end of August 2020, a key achievement for the boutique investment firm, which has quintupled in size since its first launch. Despite the challenges associated with COVID-19, RPM has won a number of clients over recent months and achieved sector-leading performance with both of its inaugural strategies.

The strategies’ sector-leading performance refers to results from Bloomberg’s ‘Fund Search’ function. This identifies the Raynar Flagship strategy as the top performer amongst the ‘IA UK Smaller Companies’ 185-strong peer group between June and August 2020. The Raynar Flagship strategy also ranks as the second-highest performer for ‘IA UK All Companies’ from the 1203-strong peer group for the same period. Meanwhile, the Raynar Enhanced strategy is the top performer for ‘UK’, ‘Mixed Allocation’, and ‘Dynamic Allocation’ from a peer group of 138 funds between February and August.

The Raynar Flagship and Enhanced Strategies

Much of Raynar Portfolio Management’s recent growth is attributed to Philip Rodrigs’ Raynar Flagship, the second strategy launched by RPM and which is predominantly focused on small cap equity. The Flagship strategy is founded on Philip’s experience in small market cap segments and allows clients to gain exposure to typically fast growing small sized firms. The flexible approach enables the preservation of capital until ideal investment opportunities arise. Philip has expanded the strategy from its c£11m at inception to over £20 million in just three months.

In 2014, Philip developed a hugely successful investment strategy for River and Mercantile, which many firms imitated in an attempt to achieve comparable success. Philip built off the successes that he achieved with his micro cap investment trust to optimise the Raynar Flagship strategy, which focuses on the smallest listed UK equities for a large majority of stock market lifecycles. With Philip’s valuable insights at the core of the firm’s operations, RPM is mindful of appropriately managing liquidity and takes numerous measures to mitigate risk.

Jon Garland, Head of Client Relations, said: ‘It has been a pleasure to welcome a number of new clients onboard Flagship. We continue to be heartened by the degree of interest and enthusiasm we have experienced regarding Philip’s return to the market. With such a strong track record over his career to date, I am confident that his 20 years of experience in the UK equity market will hold Philip in good stead at the helm of Raynar’s Flagship.’

Meanwhile, Matthew Taylor, a chartered financial analyst and accountant who specialises in asset allocation, manages the Raynar Enhanced strategy. Matthew brings over 15 years of investment experience and industry knowledge to Raynar Portfolio Management. The Enhanced strategy has shown it can accommodate challenging market conditions and has lately particularly focused on small-firm investment opportunities that many investors overlook.

Raynar Portfolio Management’s Success Strategies

Philip Rodrigs has driven the success of Raynar Portfolio Management’s strategies with his stock-selection method. He focuses on high-conviction investments and adopts a ‘clean sheet of paper’ approach when selecting small but sector-leading firms that are available at attractive valuations and are likely to benefit from new norms following the COVID-19 lockdown.

Professional and high net-worth investors can learn more about the Raynar Flagship strategy and Raynar Enhanced strategy at www.raynarpm.com.

About Philip Rodrigs

As a widely recognised chartered financial analyst, Philip Rodrigs has grown and soft-closed a range of impressive small cap funds over the last fifteen years. Examples include funds that he has grown from £150 million to over £1 billion within four years and from £90 million to £650 million within eight years. Following an extensive career with notable investment firms such as Invesco Perpetual and Investec Asset Management, Philip launched Raynar Portfolio Management in 2020. Based in Westminster, London, the boutique firm specialises in alternative investment funds that offer the flexibility to invest in a variety of asset classes.