Rising Star Launching “Jesus Is A Warrior” in Spring 2022

The NYC-based Fashion Brand Will Offer a Collection of 50 Photos and Three Exclusive .zip Files

Manhattan, New York — RISING STAR, the new and electrifying fashion house based in New York City, announced that it would be auctioning an exclusive collection in Spring 2022. The exhibition, titled “Jesus Is A Warrior,” will contain 50 photos priced at 20.1 Million US Dollars each. Furthermore, RISING STAR will also offer three .zip files containing a special set of haute couture dresses: two files priced at 33 Million US Dollars each and one file at 1.5 Billion US Dollars; up to 3 dresses per file.

RISING STAR’S announcement comes after the brand’s most anticipated collection, “I Met Jesus” which includes the World’s Most Expensive Photograph (“Church Grounds”) for 33 Million US Dollars.

Of the upcoming “Jesus Is A Warrior” collection, a spokesperson for RISING STAR commented, “Our brand is ecstatic to continue offering the best Christian creative work found nowhere else in the world. With our ‘Jesus Is A Warrior’ collection, we will further prove our commitment to displaying some of the most innovative and thought-provoking pieces in modern history. In addition, this is the perfect way for us to continue demonstrating our uniqueness. We are extremely excited!”

With a commitment to spreading faith-based values worldwide, funds gathered through RISING STAR’s exclusive auctions will be used to fund the EarthChurch and EarthSchool System developments, enabling the church-building coalition to continue their efforts towards global expansion. Proceeds will allow the organizations to develop Christian schools, libraries, and churches across South America, Asia, West Africa, and Israel.

About RISING STAR: Founded in New York and based in SoHo, RISING STAR is a fashion house quickly overtaking the industry thanks to its commitment to creativity, uniqueness, and spreading the light of Christ. The innovative company has recently proved its dedication to spreading the message of Christianity and unity by acquiring photos from various artists to form the once in a lifetime collections. The brand is back again and launching a new, exciting collection titled “Jesus Is A Warrior,” which will feature new photos and several haute couture sketches perfect for any art collector.

To learn more on private sales and upcoming auctions, contact RISING STAR at [email protected].


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