Rising Star Presents: The Billion Dollar Poem! Includes Photography Collection all titled “I Love Jesus”

RISING STAR, the rapidly growing fashion house, has announced the launch of the ‘’I Love Jesus’’ photography collection. Located in the heart of New York City, the SoHo-based fashion house is using their industry influence to draw attention to world-changing projects.

With the recent announcement, the innovative fashion company aims to use the power of compelling art to help Christians around the world reconnect with God.

RISING STAR’s founder and creative director, James Dennis, partnered with talented photographers Brandon Nelson and Marvin Moore to create a set of captivating photos that highlight the glory of Christ. The one-of-a-kind photography collection will be in a class of its own, it contains 100 stunning photographs, several eye-catching digital images, and a series of unique poems.

The fashion expertise of the company is evident in the collection, as an additional set of .zip files feature several sketches of innovative haute-couture dresses. Each dress sketch will be listed with prices starting at $1 Million plus.

All proceeds from the sale of the collection will be donated to spreading the light of Christ, so parties involved in the purchase of the unique artwork can rest assured that the capital will be put to great use.

The collection is available for purchase on OpenSea or by direct, private auction in New York City. RISING STAR prioritizes the security of buyer funds in all transactions, and escrow services will be enlisted to complete the transaction securely.

When the ‘I Love Jesus’ collection is sold, the funds received will be used to fund Christian churches, libraries, and schools throughout Israel, West Africa, South America, and Asia, as part of the EarthSchool System development and church building coalition. With the announcement of their most recent collection, the company maintains its unfailing commitment to spreading the word of God.

Art enthusiasts can expect more from RISING STAR in the coming months, as several collections are set to follow the “I Love Jesus” project, including the “I Met Jesus 10 Times Already” NFT and “Diligent Angels” collection, which are priced at $3.3 Billion and $132 Million, respectively.

Interested parties can contact the company at [email protected]