Roman Rubin Black Tusk – Trends in the Mining Industry for 2021

A new year is coming up, 2020 is going toward an end, and how could it be otherwise? We want to review on the blog the main trends that we are going to find in the mining industry. What can we expect from a sector in continuous movement? According to Roman Rubin Black Tusk, there are three key pillars. On the one hand, there will be more diversity and inclusion. On the other, the social impact will also be greater. And finally, there will be an improvement in the use of natural resources such as water and energy.

We refer, above all, to maintaining open dialogues with the communities where there are mining projects and to making better use of resources. Also business inclusion in this sector is full of challenges and challenges. Thanks to these trends, mining companies must generate future value and prepare for a hostile market.

New Mining Strategies: Communities and Target Groups

Mines can generate rejection if communication is not good. One of the trends is to move from a production scheme to a participation scheme. Inform and explain the mining process to communities where there is a mine in operation. Corporate strategies that take into account social licenses to operate, geographical risks and the residents of the area.


Using digital tools will be essential for the mining sector in 2021. Continue with the automation processes. A clear example is a set of digital tools that analyze and optimize mining production and processes. The idea is to integrate all the data into a single source of information. Data that can be consulted both in real-time and predictively.

Another example is the use of X-rays and 3D modeling to understand the composition of a rock. With tools like RapidMiner, used in Canada, time and costs are saved in the mineral analysis. And it also highlights the use of robots, such as the Roman Rubin Black Tusk resources developing its projects, capable of exploring abandoned mining sites on the seabed and deciding whether the possible opening of the mine is feasible.

Risk Management

Working in risk management will be of vital importance in the new mining industry. Businesses must be prepared to deal with issues such as increased tariffs and sanctions, trade wars, cyber threats, or tax regimes.

New Minerals and their Demand

The electric vehicle sector is growing by leaps and bounds. And it is a sector closely related to mining since for the manufacture of cars and their batteries it is necessary to have minerals such as cobalt, copper, niobium and lithium.

Canada is a region very rich in these minerals, especially in niobium and lithium. Brazil has almost 90 percent of the world’s niobium reserves. A mineral that is used to make steel stronger and lighter and that can transform the history of the automotive and aerospace industries. Regarding lithium, Canada is vying for world leadership together with Australia.

Labor Transformation

Last but not least, the mining industry is gradually moving towards a job transformation. Talent is still necessary, but it changes its focus. The digitization to which the sector is subjected implies mining personnel who stand out thanks to a new set of skills. Furthermore, the industry requires a massive overall change in the coming years. For more information, contact Roman Rubin Black Tusk to learn Trends in the mining industry.