Small Hacks To Improve Your Overall Productivity

So you’re here too because you want to improve your overall productivity? Well, so do a dozen other people who came here before you or after you. But not to worry, we will give some tips on maximizing your productivity while at home or in the office. Most of these small hacks are easy to do or are available at your arms reach.

Using A Calendar Scheduler

By far, the most efficient way to improve your productivity would be to use a calendar scheduler. A calendar scheduler will help you organize all your appointments, meetings, events, or occasions and collate them into one usable format, which is usually a calendar. Using a calendar scheduler is by far the most recommended way to boost your productivity as it incorporates a lot of features and tools in one program. Calendar schedulers are also low cost and some even coming free variants. So if you’re asking how to improve your productivity, try exploring some options available today. A highly recommended option would be, as it features a lot of useful options and functions and compatibility with the different calendar formats.

Grouping Tasks By Impact

One of the best ways to tackle complex problems is to break them down into small manageable chunks. After that, you can then see which chunks have the most significant impact on the complex problem. This is what some people refer to as the Pareto principle. By tackling the least number of chunks that give the most significant impact in solving the complex overall problem, you can expend less energy and gain better results by using fewer resources than by tackling all of the small chunks together at once.

Meditating and Resting

Contrary to popular belief, resting in between work improves your overall productivity. This is because our brains have been designed to slow down after tackling large and complex problems. Resting in-between tasks allowing your brain to recuperate and to refocus on the problems at hand. Doing so has been proven to improve overall productivity as much as 10% if done regularly. Breaks should be short but meaningful. These should be breaks wherein you do not think about your task or work and focus on resting your brain and body. This is where meditation comes in. The best way to rest would be to meditate and do some breathing exercises and clearing your mind of stress and worries. Getting more sleep is also recommended. Sleep helps in repairing your body’s cells as well as rejuvenating your brain and your thoughts. Having at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep will do wonders for your focus on your mental health and your ideas in the next few days. It is also important to note that sleeping time is central to getting the correct rest. Sleeping too late will often not give you a good quality of sleep. So you should ensure you sleep not too late and get the correct hours of sleep.

Delegating, Coordinating and Collaborating

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. What more if you have more than two heads? If and when time and resources allow trying to delegate some of those work to willing, able, and qualified people to do it. Delegating work doesn’t have to mean giving 100% of the work but rather,“ outsourcing” some parts of the work to your team. This ensures that you focus on the more significant and more critical tasks while delegating other tasks to two people who can then participate and chip in on the workload.

On the other hand, collaboration ensures that there is a smooth flow of information between all team members, and each one does their particular share in that work. Collaboration doesn’t mean equal sharing of work, but rather doing your required share of work. There are many strategies for delegating coordinating and collaborating. The best way is to initially meet as a team and agree on the work division and the expectations and the required outcome from everybody. That way, everyone understands their role and can see the big picture and objectives of the project.

There you have it, some small hacks to improve productivity. We hope that these small recommendations will help improve your productivity to some degree or another!