The Key Elements for Marketing in 2020

In 2020, Digital Marketing is not that simple as it used to be 10 years ago. But it still adds incredible value for any who can still work on it and who knows the key elements of marketing in this new Digital Marketing era. On the other side, it will still remain unsolved and a big mystery for those who didn’t cope-up with the changing methodologies and don’t have the skills or technical knowledge.

In this article, I will take you from scratch on the key elements of marketing that are essential for digital marketing in 2020.

Email Marketing

For some people, Email Marketing is either the most underrated yet a reliable tool for marketing and generating leads while others take it as completely outdated because no one reads email marketing messages in 2020, depends on the person you are talking to.

Let me reveal the truth, Email is still and will always be one of the most essential marketing medium because the connection to the customer through email or (or other direct contact info like phone number) is incredibly valuable. I will back it with two big reasons.

Firstly, marketers don’t necessarily need to spend money on paid advertising to reach your potential customers when they can just do it through emails.

Secondly, if the reach on your social platforms plummet as it did on Facebook in the 2010s, you are still able to reach out to your followers without spending a single penny to an intermediary and that makes email addresses much more valuable and reliable than social media followers in this case. Even if the email open-rate is between 10% to 50%, the fact is that email marketing is still the most essential and inexpensive way to build a relationship with people.

Keith Riley CEO of “The ultimate goal of email marketing is to attract and engage your potential leads and clients to get to know you, your business, and your message. By doing this over time, you not only build trust with your clients but also can generate leads for your business if your content is strong and value-driven”

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most underrated yet crucial for not only for marketing purposes but for SEO purposes too. Your reach on social media including the totality of your likes, shares, and mentions on social media gives Search Engine Crawlers a hint that your content is being shared on different social media platforms that ultimately help you rank better on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPS).  The more people interacting with your content on Social Media, the higher your Search Engine Rankings are.

Alexander Heinle from ZAGE says “Social media Posting is an opportunity to provide users a social proof of your business, which is simply a demonstration that many other customers are buying and using your service or product.

Landing Page

Many business owners assume that if you get people on your homepage will simply generate leads and drive new clients. But the truth is, if your homepage or landing page is not properly set-up to communicate, you are never going to generate leads.

According to Alexander Heinle from ZYRO “Always ensure that your landing page is presented in a digestible and easy-to-consume format for your new customers to take necessary actions”

Generally, your homepage should be designed and crafted as a brochure that is created in a way to portray information about your business to the people who are visiting your website. The landing page should communicate a single idea—what problems are you trying to solve for the customers and what action you want from them to take. Sometimes, you are looking for emails or contact information from users to share their contact information in exchange for a newsletter or a deal/coupon or you want them to buy your product or services. Always ensure that your landing page is presented in a digestible and easy-to-consume format for your new customers to take necessary actions.