The lowest budget to travel all countries in the world

When I was 14, my biggest dream was to travel around the world, to all the countries non-stop and spend all my fortune on it. I bet at one point, having a trip to all around the world was every wild soul’s dream. If you believe that you are one of us, then this article was made for you. You can easily find all the answers to your questions, get to know the tricks and most importantly (for some people) get an estimated bill for one of the biggest dreams of your life, if not the biggest.

The very first struggle travellers have while deciding on their trip to all of the countries worldwide is the time. As if how much time is enough to complete the journey that they will never forget and will tell their grandkids after 40 years. Let me start answering this question by saying that the duration of your trip depends entirely on you. If you want to accomplish your trip in a short period, it might also be better for your budget (we will be talking about that later) then you can choose one of the favourite plans of travellers – “Big cities”. It basically means that you can visit all the large cities in each continent, except Antarctica, of course.

For example, let us say that in Africa, you can visit 3-4 countries. Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, has a lot of things to provide to foreign visitors. Yes, it is completely right that almost everyone imagines the “safari”, and mostly lack tourism infrastructure though as soon as you are in Africa, you will be happily shocked to find out that there’s so much more to explore in this continent. The first country you should not forget to add on your list while planning your trip is Morocco, which by no surprise, is the most-visited country in Africa. In 2019 this North African nation saw a total of 12.3 million visitors making it the most visited country on the whole continent. At the same time, Egypt has become a symbol of worldwide trips with its rich history and fascinating sites. The main attraction factors in Egypt are, of course, the Egyptian pyramids, the tombs of the pharaoh and the thousand-year-old Luxor temple. So, do not forget to take tens of pictures with pyramids serving you as a background. For a safari, South Africa remains the most popular destination, where you can find the big five and spend some time out in the wild.

However, how much money do you need for the African part of your trip? These three countries, of course, are not whole of Africa, as the continent is housing more than 50 countries. According to travellers and researchers, around 80 USD per day is quite enough for South Africa; it is also worth taking into account that South Africa is the most expensive one among these three countries. For Morocco and Egypt, the daily budget might be set between 50-60 USD. But how many days are enough to spend on your stop in the continent during your world tour? I honestly believe that around 16 days would be more than enough to see several cities in each country and enjoy it completely. Quick side note: if you decide to add more countries to your list, then you can expect both budget and time span widen according to your expectations.

The next continent: Australia! Australia is without question one of the world’s most isolated, interesting, and highly developed countries. And as we are planning our trip continent by continent, there is no chance that you might miss this same-named continent. New and elegant, Sydney is one of the best cities for travellers to visit while Melbourne has gained a reputation as Australia’s trendy city with its antique stores, graffiti-covered backstreets and cafe culture. The town has lots to see and do whether you love sports or craft. For Sydney, daily expenses are fluctuating around 150 USD per person; however, for Melbourne, the number is 160 USD. So far, we have 3 African countries and 2 Australian cities, not bad, at all!

One of the emerging tourism destinations for tourists is the Asian region. While travelling around the whole globe, you might want to check out a lot of countries; however, if we want to do a restricted version of the biggest trip of our life, then I would suggest you visit up to 5 countries in the area. Starting with Russia, host to nearly 12 million people, for many people Moscow is a lot of stuff, and everyone has their motives for visiting Moscow. The incentives to visit Moscow and its sights are limitless. And quite surprisingly, the expenses are quite low for a tourist. You will need just 50 USD per day as a visitor.

Our second stop will be Beijing, the capital city of China. The city plays an important part in the political, physical, science, and academic life of the country. Situated in the northwest of the North China Plateau, not far from the Yanshan mountain western slopes. With a budget of 55 USD, you will not have any economic issues. The best idea for you would be to finish the Asian part of the journey in Japan. There is no such place in the world as Tokyo. This vast metropolitan area has a mix of both futuristic skyscrapers and ancient temples. You should schedule your holiday in Tokyo to pay about 132 USD a day.

The most visited region in the world, Europe! Comparably being expensive, the continent also offers more to see and a lot more to do which makes it incredibly hard to pick countries to visit from this region. However, we can at least try. First stop is the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Madrid is a city so rich in life and history that, in a few words, it is impossible to describe it in short. Artistically, the city is no different from other major capitals in Europe, with the continent’s finest art museums with Renaissance masterpieces and landmark pieces from the 20th century. I believe that 4 days are quite enough to explore the city completely. You should have a daily budget of around 114 USD on your trip to Madrid. The second city would undoubtedly be Paris. France’s capital is one of the world’s most famous and influential cities. Paris is Europe’s second-most-visited city after London in terms of tourism. Three to four days are enough to explore the city, I assume. However, compared to Madrid, daily expenses in Paris are way higher, and you will need to spend almost 200 USD every day.

And last but not least, London is our last stop in the European leg of our tour. The UK capital is a vibrant international metropolis. The connection between the stunning historical sights and the vibrant entertainment scene makes it an entertaining and thrilling experience to travel to London. Interestingly enough, the daily budget of a visitor is the same in both Paris and London at 200 USD. However, I think you will need around 6 days to explore London precisely.

4/7 is done, including the fact that we are not visiting Antarctica. And our next stop will be across the ocean, in the Americas. Firstly, let us start with North America, the cities that you should not miss, at any cost are New-York, Los-Angeles, Toronto, and Mexico City. New York, one of the world’s largest cities, is also a flurry of action, with iconic landmarks at every turn and just enough time to visit them all. At the same time, Los-Angeles has its deal-with-the-devil environment, countless opportunities for outdoor sports, world-class museums. LA is a pretty amazing place to visit during your worldwide trip. For both cities, you will have to spare around 150 USD per day.

The 3rd city in the region that we will be visiting is Toronto, the largest city in Canada and the 5th largest in North America which is built on Lake Ontario’s north shore. It is home to thrilling museums and theatre, fascinating neighbourhoods, great restaurants, and a lively waterfront. Let us not forget to mention that you will need 150 USD daily in Toronto for having the best experience.

We will finish our North American branch of the trip in Mexico City. The location of the city is amazing: two majestic snow-covered volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, towering over it at heights of over 5,000 metres. And quite importantly, you should plan to spend around 43 USD per day on your vacation in Mexico.

It would be just great to move to the South American continent after the North as the tickets are far cheaper and it is less time-consuming. I strongly believe that 3 countries here will be a great way to explore the place and as well as save some tremendous amount of money. For me, those would be Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its natural wonders, world-famous tourism destinations, thrilling nightlife, and beaches. However, Rio has much more to offer than picturesque scenery, lush rainforests, and cerulean sea. The character is characterized by glitz, high fashion, and a laid-back attitude. You should expect to spend about 74 USD a day on your Rio de Janeiro holiday.

While for Argentina, the capital is important to visit. There is just no doubt that the nickname of Buenos Aires as “South Paris” suits it perfectly. It is a cosmopolitan city with a well-established twist in Latin America and is a must-visit on every itinerary in South America. Surprisingly enough, the daily budget in Buenos Aires per person is around 50 USD which is amazing compared to all the other cities we have already talked about. And, finally, the last city in South America to definitely see is San-Tiago, the capital city of Chile. Santiago is a beautiful place to tour in South America! It is one of those places that has a deep history to explore, and some of the best things to do in Santiago that are scattered around the region.

By discovering South America, our virtual trip around the worlds comes to an end. Do you also feel excited to realize this trip in reality? I do! I beg you already started making lists to prepare for this mind-blowing trip. As a last tip, I’ll share with you my forever go-to website, which I use any time I make a travel plan: This website helps to understand the visa policies of the destination countries, which is definitely of utmost importance for having a smooth worldwide trip. As a bonus, the wide range of travel blogs on this website makes it even easier to do in-depth research on any country all in one place.