The Problems with Hernia Mesh

One of the medical problems that has become drastically more common over the past few decades has been the development of hernias. For those who might not know, a hernia is the protrusion of an organ through a layer of tissue that typically contains it. When someone has been diagnosed with a hernia, this typically requires surgical correction. One of the tools that a surgeon will use to treat the hernia is called hernia mesh. Sadly, hernia mesh lawsuits are being filed due to the problems that can arise with untested hernia mesh. There are a few possible problems that everyone should know.

First, one of the major issues that can arise with hernia mesh is the development of chronic pain. Hernia mesh is hard and abrasive. Therefore, it tends to rub up against nearby tissue, leading to discomfort. There are even cases where hernia mesh can cut through actual nerves, leading to serious complications. Many people who use untested hernia mesh report severe pain after the procedure. Sometimes, this pain never goes away. This is one of the reasons why hernia mesh recalls are being issued.

Another possible problem that people might experience with hernia mesh is the development of something called a bowel obstruction. Depending on the location of the mesh, it may end up sticking to the small or large intestine. Then, as the mesh moves, it pulls the bowel along with it. This can twist the bowel, leading to an obstruction. When a small bowel obstruction develops, this is a surgical emergency. This is a serious complication that can become life-threatening if it is not treated properly.

Finally, hernia mesh might also lead to a serious infection. While hernia mesh is supposed to be sterile when it enters the human body, this isn’t always the case. Some types of hernia mesh are prone to becoming infected. Then, this infection is transmitted to the patient. In order cases, the hernia mesh might erode through the patient’s soft tissue, opening the gateway for additional infections to develop. IN some cases, these infections can be incredibly severe. They might cause someone to return to the hospital. He or she might even have to go back to the operating room to have the hernia mesh removed. This is a serious complication that needs to be watched carefully.

These are only a few of the many problems that might arise when someone has untested hernia mesh implanted. Following this procedure, it is critical for everyone to follow the advice of his or her doctor. Any and all problems need to be reported to a medical professional because, in some cases, the hernia mesh has to be removed. Remember that there are always trained professionals who are willing to help those in need.