The Roles and Responsibilities of a Sales and Marketing Team

A successful brand is an outcome of a hardworking sales team and powerful marketing strategies. These are the roots of a brand or company which helps in growing that company. Sales and marketing are interlinked with each other; however, both teams have their roles and responsibilities. Suppose you are an HR head or CEO of your business. In that case, you should know the sales and marketing team’s roles and responsibilities, making the most significant difference between marketing and sales.

Being the head of your sales team and marketing team, you should also follow these roles and responsibilities and ask your team to act upon it. Because when all of them perform their duties very well, the company’s growth graph will automatically increase. So let’s describe these roles and responsibilities one by one;

  • The sales team should focus on customers

When it comes to increasing sales, the priority of a salesman should be his or her customer. He should take care of all things which relate his work to his customer. Because he is not supposed to think for the company, he or she has to achieve sales. So, the more customers Loyalty he achieves, the more sales will grow. It will be a point which makes a difference between marketing and sales.

When it comes to gaining customer Loyalty, the sales team’s primary focus should be leading the customers about terms and prices, giving them some discounts, and asking for their satisfaction with their services. All in all, their primary role is to focus on customers related services.

  • Marketing focuses on making strategy

As the meanings are precise, the marketing team should never be mixed up with the sales team. There is a difference between marketing and sales, which should never be overlapped in your company. The marketing team’s role is to support the sales team or work for making sales. The marketing team works for creating unique and innovative marketing methodologies and strategies. Somehow they relate to the growth of sales. 

To help the sales team, the marketing team develops the most modern and targeted strategy using TV channels, social media, and newspapers. Because those companies who are now earning in trillions once started from a lower level. The reason for their growth is a unique and effective marketing strategy. So, the marketing team’s role is to work on introducing these tactics and methodologies to increase sales.

  • Responsibilities of a sales team 

After recognizing their roles, a sales team should work according to their responsibilities. Their responsibility does not end up performing according to their positions. Also, responsibilities are the central fact which makes a more considerable difference between marketing and sales. The responsibilities of the sales team often got mixed up with the marketing team. So here are some responsibilities which should be fulfilled by your sales team.

  • The prime focus of the sales team is to reach its sales goal. In this regard, they should devise a specific plan or strategy based on research, which will help them achieve their targeted number of sales.
  • Specifying the area toward each salesperson and training all sales team members about sales maintenance and recovery.
  • Make a report of the whole month or sales record of a week to know the defects in this strategy and help get more sales in the next month or week.

  • Responsibilities of a marketing team

As I discussed above, marketing is the root cause of the success of any company or brand. Because the marketing team helps the Sales team and also helps the organization to get enough customers. Also, they strive to achieve customer Loyalty and help the sales team by guiding them. Following are some responsibilities which makes a difference between marketing and sales team:

  • The marketing team’s first and foremost duty is to research for competitors and skim their strategy of sales. After that, they should organize their work area because of location matters in promoting a product according to their interests.
  • After fulfilling the above responsibility, the second thing is to make an initiative and run different campaigns according to that initiative. While running those campaigns, a marketing head should take an eye on the whole process of promotional ads and marketing campaigns.
  • It’s not a big deal that a marketing strategy won’t work at that time or season. So, a marketing team should be ready and efficient enough to research and devise a new company strategy. If new products are coming, then a marketing team should start devising a strategy before launching it.


As the CEO of your company, you should have an efficient and hardworking sales and marketing team. Because these are some strict roles and responsibilities, Which could only be followed when your team would be smart enough. A big reason behind the dullness of teams and failure of a brand is mixing up the sales and marketing team’s duties. That’s why we have repeatedly explained that it makes a difference between marketing and sales teams

After that, you could be able to ask them to work with these roles and responsibilities. Did you get it? I hope your mind would be clear now. If you still have any questions or queries related to marketing and sales, then feel free to ask. We will try our best to make your mind clear.