Tips on How to Choose Wedding Rings: Top 10 Criteria from Elgrissy Diamonds store

A wedding is a celebration of two hearts in love, which from now on and forever will beat in unison. This event is really very important, but the preparation for it is quite troublesome. Despite the fact that pre-wedding worries are pleasant and exciting, some moments still require maximum concentration of attention. And we are talking, of course, about the choice of the main symbol of marriage – wedding rings.

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that the newlyweds will wear every day, so when choosing an accessory, you need to take into account every detail.

1.Selecting the metal of wedding rings

Traditionally, future spouses choose wedding rings made of noble gold of 585 assay value. The popularity of this metal is due to the relatively low cost of the material, attractive appearance and good physical properties. Gold items are resistant to deformation, retain their original glossy shine for a long time, and rarely cause allergic reactions.

2. Gold color

The choice of metal color for decoration is determined by personal preference, each option has its own advantages, both visual and physical.

  • yellow gold is the most common, one might even say the classic version for wedding rings. Products made of precious metal in yellow color have a pleasant lemon shade that does not fade over time. This material is quite durable, does not corrode and does not rust. Yellow gold is very malleable, which makes it possible to make sophisticated jewelry of complex designs out of metal.
  • red gold is a strong and durable alloy that has a bright hue. Wedding rings made of red gold look attractive on dark skin and go well with other gold accessories. Jewelry in red gold has a beneficial effect on the human body without causing allergies and other side effects.
  • white gold is a more modern option; this metal has been used for the manufacture of engagement rings relatively recently. Gold jewelry in white is most often coated with rhodium, which provides a beautiful shine and additional protection from negative external factors. Wedding rings in white gold go well with any eye color and hair shade, which makes this option even more popular.
  • combined gold. This option is ideal for lovers of original and creative products. The undoubted advantage of combined gold jewelry is their versatility. Combined gold items can be easily combined with other precious metal jewelry.


3. Choice of width

A narrow or wide wedding ring is a matter of taste and personal preference. Elgrissy Diamonds store recommend choosing narrow models of rings with a width of 2.5-3.5 millimeters for owners of long, thin fingers. This is especially true for girls who plan to wear an engagement band with an engagement ring. On thick fingers, models with a width of 7-8 millimeters look best, and the width of the average rings is 4.5-6 millimeters. The main characteristic that you need to focus on when choosing the thickness of products is comfort.

4. An important point – the profile of the wedding ring

A comfortable fit of wedding rings is also ensured by the profile of the product – the shape of the product in cross-section. Recently, jewelry with the “Comfort fit” profile has been especially popular. Thanks to the rounded inner surface, the ring will not cut into the finger, which is ideal for everyday wear.

5. How to choose the right size of the wedding accessory

This point is perhaps the most important when choosing rings for a wedding. Jewelry should sit as comfortably as possible on your finger, without causing inconvenience and without interfering with your daily activities.

The size of the ring is a purely individual characteristic. When choosing a piece of jewelry, be sure to try it on, and it is important to remember that in the hot season, fingers tend to swell a little. The best time to try it is the first half of the day; on the eve of the choice, it is not recommended to drink a lot of fluids and play sports.

6. Design and style

Some couples prefer to stick to the classic style in their wedding jewelry, while others, on the contrary, crave experimentation and creativity.

It is worth remembering that traditional smooth rings are more practical, but models with decorative elements can be inconvenient for daily use. In addition, designer models are much more expensive, which must also be taken into account when choosing.

7. Paired or individual

It is generally accepted that spouses must have the same engagement rings, however, in the modern world, it is possible to choose jewelry of various designs. For example, it is not uncommon for girls to prefer models with a scattering of shimmering stones, while guys tend to limit themselves to the classics. It is absolutely okay for the bride to have a diamond-cut ring and the groom to have a piece with a smooth base. The main thing is that the rings for the bride and groom match the style and please their future owners.

8. Stones, inscriptions and engraving

Jewelry boutiques offer a huge number of different engagement rings, including jewelry with stones, Save and Save wedding rings, and engraved jewelry.

Gold items are decorated with cubic zirconia or diamond inserts, other precious stones can also be used, it all depends on the individual taste of the newlyweds.

But personal engraving is possible only on smooth rings with a classic profile, “Comfort fit” is not suitable for this procedure.

9. Texture

Wedding rings can have a glossy shine, be matte and even openwork. Some models are decorated with diamond notches, which look very impressive, especially in sunlight. This option is ideal for connoisseurs of classics who still want to add brightness to the decoration.

10. And a few more important points

Pay attention to the quality of the jewelry. Jewelry rings must have a state standard, and models with diamonds or precious stones must have a special certificate.

Choosing wedding jewelry, do not forget about the beautiful presentation of jewelry, for this you can purchase a beautiful velvet box or use original trays.