Top 5 French Logistics Companies

Logistics is an important sector in business, especially in the manufacturing sector. It involves how goods and resources required to manufacture a product are stored, carried, and supplied. It is also about how resources are carried along with the supply chain management system. France has one of the most logistic operations and companies in the world.

There are 4432 logistic companies and platforms in France. Due to France’s bridging location between the Mediterranean and North Europe, it has a big role to play in European logistics. Transport management software have a vital role to play in the supply chain of goods and resources. Starting from truck capacity, freight rates, etc are all managed by transport management software.

  1. SNCF Logistics

Société nationale des chemins de fer français SNCF a logistics company operated by the frnech government since 1938. It involves railway operations along with Monaco and TGV. It includes railway services for freight, passengers, and also maintenance in the railway sector. With a total route of 35000 km and high-speed lines of more than 145000 km, 14000 trains are running daily on these tracks. It offers supply chain management services to over 120 countries using the rail route. SNCF has an annual revenue of $36 billion.

  1. CMA CGM logistics

CMA CGM S.A. is one of the most renowned French logistic companies. It is one of the top worldwide shipping companies that have more than 257 shipping outlets around the globe. Its logistics operations involve 420 different shipping routes across 160 countries. With more than $30 billion annual revenue it takes the number 2 spot as the topmost logistics company in France.

  1. BolloréLogistics

Bolloré Logistics offers different types of logistics services. These include customs, global supply chain, and multimodal transport. Its network is spread throughout 109 countries with more than 10000 people working for them. Bolloré uses its transport management software to analyze operations and design models that handle the logistics.

  1. La Poste Logistics

La Poste is well-known for its freight and logistic services. They mostly focus on air services and has an annual revenue of $29 billion. They have been working hard to reduce carbon dioxide emissions with concrete solutions. La Poste is also working to relieve pollution and congestion in cities with their electronic vehicles. They have more than 4500 vehicles in their current logistic network.

  1. Generix Group

Generix group is one of the leading logistic companies in France. Their transport management software supports necessary complexities and their logistic services. Their software also helps to maintain stock control and carry out warehouse management. They have their supply chain management network across 50 countries.

Bottom Line

Logistic companies allow manufacturing companies to focus on the production of their products. Nowadays most logistics companies in France operate using transport management software. These software are used to improve their services, manage the logistic network, and automate machines.