Top Five Travel Agencies in the Middle Ease

Here is a list of the top 5 travel agencies in the Middle East based on their services, prices, the amazing offers they give to their customers, and based on the feedback of the guests who used their services to be able to have an overall view about each agency and to choose the most suitable one for you.

  • Egypt Tours Portal

Egypt Tours Portal is a travel agency and a tourism organization that is located in Hurghada City on the Red Sea and it is specialized in arranging any tours in Egypt including tailor-made holidays for all travelers from all parts. Solo travelers, families, group travelers can join this company and enjoy the best adventure in Egypt as all of their tours are customized by a team of the best tour operators in the Middle East considering the timing of each tour, the private transfers, how they are dedicated in hiring the most qualified tour guides, and also in choosing the most recommended hotels, Nile Cruises, timing of the domestic flights for their customers and that was the main reason for making such a travel agency on the top list of the most recommended travel agencies. They are reliable as they have been in the field of tourism for more than 33 years and the prices they offer are the most affordable ones and their customer service is always available 24/7 so we highly recommend such a successful travel agency.

Address: SEKALA, Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate

Phone Number: +20106 940 8877


2- Tucan Travel

This is one of the best adventure travel companies in the Middle East that offers some of the most astonishing group travel & tailor-made tours around the world for more than 32 years. That travel agency was founded in 1987 and it was one of the first South American Tour Operators but now they operate tours all over the world. If you are traveling as a solo traveler, in a group, with your family or friends, you will definitely find what you are looking for with the special offers that this agency gives. There are lots of wildlife trips, escorted tours, and active adventures that will allow you to explore new amazing cultures and enjoy the best authentic experiences while traveling around the world. Around 60% of the customers of that agency are solo travelers because of their special rates and their ability in customizing lots of different tours based on the requirements of its guests.

Here are the contact numbers and the address of this travel agency on different countries:

  • London: 316 Uxbridge Road, Acton, London. Phone number: (+44) 020 8896 1600
  • Sydney: 311/1 Mclaren St. North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia. Phone number: (+61) 02 9326 6633

And here is the website of that travel agency:

3- Why Jordan Tours

Why Jordan Tours is a licensed and a very professional travel agency that is located in Petra, Jordan and it has a team of the most professional employees who are ready to assist their customers during the whole time. They are in the field of tourism for around 18 years and have served thousands of truly satisfied customers. They offer a wide variety of classical group tours for all travelers either the solo ones or the group tours. Although they offer many well-arranged tours and itineraries, they are flexible with changes and with applying new modifications to match the requirements of their customers. Here are some of the most famous types of tours which this agency offers:
* Classical, Biblical & Pilgrimage tours
* Hiking, Horse Riding & Camel Safari Tours
* Bird Watching Tour
* Photography Tours
* Students and Educational Tours
* MICE, Yoga & Family tours
* Diving, Jeep, Canyon & Eco Tours
* Cooking, Cycling Tours & much more!
* Combination Tour Jordan, Egypt, and Israel.

You will be able to explore the breathtaking treasures of Jordan and visit some of the most unparallel attractions including Petra, the Dead Sea, and enjoy a marvelous tour at Wadi Rum Desert.

The address of that travel agency is: P.O Box 0000 Petra 71810 Jordan and the contact number of it is: 0096232155005. To be able to check the most magical tours that are customized by Why Jordan Tours, you can check their website through this link:

4-Topdeck Travel

This travel agency was established in 1973 and the company started to expand in the beginning of 1980 when it expanded its operations into the United States and that is not all as the agency started also to run its trips from Sydney to London in 1980. In 1990, the agency changed hands many time until 2003 when it was purchased by a consortium and by 2005, there was a substantial hotel program that created a numerous number of products that fit all budgets and that happened again in 2007 when they have launched some group trips under the name “Explorer”. That agency since then has grown a lot and became a strong competitor whose target markets include South Africa, Australia, America, Canada, and New Zealand. You will find that the prices offered by that travel agency are really affordable since they target mainly the student travel outlets.

Here are the contact details of that agency in different countries:


1300 886 332 (from inside Australia)
+61 7 30634071 (from outside Australia)


0845 257 5212 (from inside the UK)
+44 (0)20 8987 3305 (from outside the UK)


0800 525 366


1 800 607 1399


0800 982 308


For emergencies whist travelling with Topdeck, you can contact them through: 0400 527 315.

Here are the addresses of the agency offices:

    Level 5, 275 Grey Street,
    South Brisbane,
    Queensland 4101,
    109 Power Road
    Chiswick, London W4 5PY

And feel free to check the website of the agency through this link:

5- Morocco Excursions

This impressive travel agency offers some of the best exceptional tours from Morocco from almost all cities in the country. They have packages for VIP travelers, solo travelers, group tours with reasonable prices and high quality of services. They have tours for 1 day up to 30 days with the option of customizing any tours and excursions you may want to enjoy. You will have a very interesting opportunity to explore the majestic of Morocco, the gorgeous Atlas Mountains, the hypnotic Sahara Desert, and so many Berber Villages and places to visit & explore. That is not all as they also organize some magical guided tours to the Imperial cities with the best licensed tour guides. The address of that agency is: 52 202 Centre Marrakech, Morocco. You can contact them through any of the numbers mentioned below:

+ 212 6 735 55408
+ 212 6 112 43801
+ 212 6 112 43801

And here is their website: