Unable To Get New Business Leads Even Being A Qualified Service Provider?

Every business owner, be a small startup or a well-established one, craves a steady stream of high-quality leads for their business’ success. Howbeit, due to some varying facets, even a quality service provider with satisfied clients can have a hitch in getting new business leads. If you are facing similar issues, then this post is all you need! Continue reading to make the most of it.

Ground Reasons Behind Stalled Leads:

With the burgeoning of the internet-driven age, the competition is getting fierce and lead generation is becoming difficult. There are no set recipes for the success of a business. Even if you have the best service or product in the world, you can still fail to generate new leads. All you need to do is know where the problem is laying in the stalled leads and work on that to surpass those issues.

#1 Less Exposure To The Potential Market

One of the biggest issues a business face is less exposure to its potential market. Not knowing what the market trends are, can drastically affect your business growth. These market trends change with every passing day. It is imperative to cope up with these trends to reach the height of success without any hindrance. Besides, no matter how much quality product or service you are delivering, if the right audience is not familiar with that, it is of no use.

#2 Targeting The Wrong Audience

The answer to your marketing woes could be that you’re targeting an erroneous audience. Well, most business owners lack to get new business leads because of not targeting the right audience at the right time. If you target the wrong audience, you won’t be able to capitalize on your potential audience’s pain points and will eventually lose them. If a certain ad campaign, a landing page, or a wide array of emails is not hooking the audience into purchasing on the spot, then you need to go the extra mile.

#3 Not Leveraging Online Marketing Strategy And Techniques

Not making the most of your online marketing strategy can lead to the hindrance to getting new business leads. Changes in the demography of the professional services sector are driving the adoption of new tactics for reputation management, networking, and lead generation. Most quality service providers are unaware of the fact that online marketing can do wonders in order to generate new business leads.

2 Possible Solutions To Surpass Stalled Leads Fast:

#1 Hire a professional team or outsource the marketing services:

For business owners who are looking for different effectual solutions on how to get new leads, getting marketing services from a dependable company is one of the best solutions. They can help you uplift your business online visibility, brand awareness, and the most important; lead generation. They know the right ways to overcome the above-listed problems.

#2 Get featured on online business directories’ SEO optimized listing pages

The first solution can be a little time-consuming and demands extra efforts, while fortunately there are business listing directories helping you out to generate new business leads. They have got their pages optimized for focused service with targeted local areas. Above listed problems are already catered for these pages providing a quick solution.

Three such directories are:

1. Yelp (offers paid service).
2. Thumbtack (offers paid service).
3. CityLocal Pro (offers free service and nominal charges for some elite services).

These directories work on these pages with their own techniques, serving the same purpose. Get listed on them to generate new business leads.


Yelp has got its ad campaigns module showing sponsored businesses above filtered sorted results. So getting listed here and running best ad campaigns can be fruitful. Here is how their page looks like,


Thumbtack has its ranking factors to position businesses on these pages. Their ranking factors include ratings, user engagements with their profile, how responsive is business, and more. Getting listed and keeping your profile updated is what you need to show up on these pages. Here is how the Thumbtack page looks like,

CityLocal Pro:

Citylocal Pro keeps listing slots limited for authentic and quality service providers. They have a complete criterion to check if your business qualifies to be there on its Top Pros Pages. You can contact them for more details on this. Here is how Top Pros Pages look like,

Concluding Words

Nothing can be more daunting than unble to get new business leads even when being one of the most qualified service providers. Howbeit, knowing where you lack and get to know about the things that can help harness the obstruction will lead to getting new business leads in a jiffy. Good luck with your business leads!