Under the Guidance of CEO Jonas Muthoni and Chief Marketing Strategist Matt Colletta, Deviate Agency Outpaces Competitors in E-Commerce Optimization

Jonas Muthoni, Founder and CEO, and Matt Colletta, Chief Marketing Strategist, ensure that  Deviate Agency’s focus on e-commerce optimization strategies meets the growing demand for competitive marketing in the digital marketplace.

Los Angeles, California — In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deviate Agency has emerged as a clear leader in the increasingly complex and competitive digital marketplace. They are one of the few digital agencies that offer a comprehensive, one-stop-shop suite of services designed to provide and sustain a financial lift for e-commerce clients.

When asked how Deviate Agency differentiates itself from other digital agencies, CEO Jonas  Muthoni notes, “We are able to operate at a 30,000-foot view, and we have the insight to influence the market so that our clients, whether they are global enterprises or start-ups with untapped potential, can benefit from our decades of expertise in SEO, content creation, and digital marketing strategies. We know that providing unparalleled service translates to increased revenue for our  clients, so we listen, think, and act with an eye toward enhancing market-driven communications  and growing sales traffic for our clients.”

Muthoni is driven by a passion for innovative excellence, exceptional service, and relationship building. He has worked to create a culture where everyone on the team works seamlessly together for the benefit of their clients. Existing clients often remark on the real chemistry evident among the  Deviate team members, particularly among its leaders, Jonas Muthoni and Matt Colletta.

As the agency’s Chief Content Strategist, Matt Colletta–along with a team of creatives, website designers, graphic artists, content writers, engineers, developers, marketing gurus, technology enthusiasts, video producers, social media evangelists, and strategic planners–works with each client to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that lifts Deviate clients well above the competition. In short, Muthoni and Colletta work together to ensure they and their team bring the requisite skills, knowledge, and resources to the table so that Deviate can implement winning and customized digital marketing strategies for their clients.

Colletta notes, “We are industry experts who have surrounded ourselves with the best digital creatives and tech gurus in the business, and it doesn’t hurt that Jonas and I have long enjoyed a  strong professional partnership based on mutual respect. We both know that listening is the best  way to understand what a client needs so that we can help them be as successful as possible.” A  core part of the Deviate team’s mission is to develop a genuine and long-lasting partnership with the clients, and this partnership allows them to create a marketing strategy that is as unique as the client.

In today’s rapidly expanding digital marketplace, e-commerce business owners often struggle to keep up with the newest technology and trends. Luckily, this arena is where the folks at Deviate excel. One of the most critical components of any digital marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). This optimization is most effective when it is part of a detailed strategy that showcases the client’s unique brand identity.

After assessing each client’s current SEO and content strategy to figure what is working and what could be improved, the Deviate team evaluates the client’s primary competition as well as the industry as a whole to develop a comprehensive, customer-centric approach to leveraging their online presence.

As part of this results-focused SEO strategy, the Deviate team pulls on their extensive industry knowledge and data-analysis abilities to establish appropriate keywords for efficient content creation and management. Understanding the industry and selecting the best keywords to use (and which ones to avoid) ensures that the team creates dynamic, relevant content that underscores the client’s business value. Using a proprietary methodology, Deviate conducts continuous evaluations of the client’s monthly keyword search volume and search engine results page (SERP) to produce optimal results.

Another critical component of Deviate’s comprehensive SEO strategy is link building/backlink building. Muthoni, Colletta, and the Deviate team offer resources that have proven to drive relevant traffic to the client’s site through its extensive industry connections and creative partnerships. These resources include writing guest posts, producing syndicated content, developing or enhancing resource pages, and creating or leveraging forums.

Each client’s needs differ based on their business value and target audiences, so the team at  Deviate customizes the content creation and link-building strategy based on what will produce the most effective site traffic for the client.

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