Overtime, criminal rates have been reported to increase.  Apart from murder and robbery, the most leading crime in todays time is identity theft. The un safe disposal of confidential documents pave the way for anti-social individuals to easily get hold of your identity. They can then boldly commit crimes without any worries because its you who would take the fall for them.

Therefore, in light of the increasing identity theft crimes, the state has enforced various laws in an attempt to reduce their rising number. These laws also led to the launch of various paper shredders.


Paper shredders as the name indicates are the machines designed specially to help you shred the confidential documents. These machines are designed to provide you with various shredding patterns like Criss cross or straights etc.

The device tendency to shred the document into tiny bits reduces the risks of it being put together for a malicious act. Such machines have now become a trustworthy companion of many famous and leading companies. It is estimated that there are at least 2 to 3 heavy duty paper shredders in every influential company.

Although, the paper shredder is a staggering machine with epic advantages, the fact that this device requires you to cough a lot of money is quite a con. You need to invest in its maintenance and also some individuals hate emptying the paper shredder bin. There is also a limit to how much your shredder can shred.

For individuals who plan on shredding various confidential documents and don’t want to invest in something expensive, there are various other alternatives that can aid them in safe disposal of their confidential documents.



The easiest way to shred the documents into little pieces is by the use of your hands. You can easily shred the paper into various sizes according to your needs. Although, it’s the easiest way of shredding, its equally unsafe as well. With this method, you are not able to properly shred the paper into tiny pieces which results in some of the content to be still visible and accessible to the criminals. Therefore, for this alternative carefully shred the document into several multiple pieces to be on the safe side.


Scissors can help you shred the document into multiple pieces which your hands cannot. Your document content will no longer be visible to the anti-social individuals. However, there is a limit to how much your scissor can cut. It can cut off the paper but in terms of drives and CDs, obviously, the scissors are not enough.


The next alternative is burning the confidential documents. This alternative is quite limited as in various localities burning stuff is prohibited. Although, its an effective alternative leaving no paper unburned, it causes immense air pollution. Therefore, this process is not environment healthy but for personal security, it’s quite effective.


Instead of burning the documents, you can try an eco-friendly approach as well. Just add the paper into your compost bin along with your coffee, food etc. the paper will breakdown into pieces in your compost pile and will also play a vital role in keeping the carbon to nitrogen balance by providing carbon. This method can be more effective, if you initially cut the pieces into tiny pieces and then do composting. While performing such process, care must be taken regarding the fact that the paper that you plan on composting doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals like glossy paper.


This alterative is a stunning lifehack that requires a lot of patience and time. Soak all your documents in the water and let them stay in it for about 24 hours. The content on the documents will become invisible over time. Then drain the water, shred the wet documents into tiny pieces and throw then all out at various locations. Throwing all the shredded wet documents at a particular place can increase the risk of identity theft. This is a remarkable alternative but its major drawback is that it requires a lot of time which 99% individuals don’t have.


Another alternative for apaper shredder can be the use of acids to discard the confidentialdocuments. Bleach, Sulphuric acid, HCL etc. are mostly used for such tasks. Although, the process is effective, there are dangers of harm coming to the individual.


If simple paper shredders don’t cut out for you, then laser printer shredders surely can. They are the robust and most insane machines of all time having the tendency to shred the appear into multiple pieces as required, making it inaccessible to individuals with criminal minds.


If the above alternatives don’t seem so effective, then confidential documents can be shredded on the local shred day that is offered by many local businesses to their local customers. This service is totally free. Just look for the companies that may provide such a shredding day and then you can shred your confidential documents on that day with the aid of thecompany’s shredder.


There are many recycle stores, UPS stores and FedEx that provide local shredding service. This is a perfect alternative for shredding the documents. However, it may cost more than buying a home paper shredder. The cost depends on the pile of documents that you need to dispose of.


The advanced technology has led to optimized crimes worldwide. People have the wrong mindset that their confidential data is accessible to criminal minds through insecure networks. Although, its true, but the rate of theft through this process is only 10% which is very little. The remaining 90% of identity theft is because of the insecure disposable of the sensitive documents. Whether, there is a paper shredder or not, there are multiple ways where you can outsmart the criminals and become the responsible citizen of the state.