What are the core essentials for a road trip?

For most of us, our car, truck, or SUV is our second home, an office on the road, a miniature karaoke room and what not. We spend quite some time in it every single day, not to forget mentioning, the occasional road trips. Which means we need to bring along a few supplies to make your car trips both recreational and the daily ones easier. The best car shipping companies on movingapt.com recommend having a few things in the car during road trips.

Here is the list:

Entertainment on the road:

Driving alone can get boring sometimes, especially when you are out on longer road trips. The best source of fun you can have when driving is music or even podcasts!! It’s been scientifically proven that hearing music boosts focus and makes you more alert thus decreasing the time between reflex actions. Most smart cars now come with the option to connect your phone to its Bluetooth. Apps like Apple music, Spotify etc. have the availability of podcasts and pre made playlist so you don’t get distracted to change to the new song.

Technological aids:

Smart devices have become our lifelines, serving both recreational and urgent purposes like calling for help, seeking directions etc. Therefore carrying charging cables, power banks are of utmost importance among other things.

Important documents:

This may include carrying legal certificates, that is your license, car insurance, pollution certificate, either in hard copies or as soft copies with you at all times you are operating the vehicle.

Medications for emergencies:

Although the chances of feeling sick when on the road are low, as the old saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Keep basic medicines like ibuprofen, for a headache, motion sickness pills, for stomach aches, antacids, for when you eat something that you have trouble digesting and so on? Along with these make a thumb rule to carry in your car’s glove box, the drugs that help you fight your allergies, like insulin for diabetic patients, an epicene for acute allergies and inhalers for asthma patients.

Money for Toll Plazas:

Plenty of us plan trips to avoid tolls, but you never know when a change in plans, a detour, or a wrong turn could put you on a toll road. While many tolls are moving towards automation, including bills in the mail after a photo is taken of your plate, there still are plenty that aren’t. We’d recommend doubling up with an EZ-Pass as well as enough cash – paper and coin – to cover potential toll needs on your trip. This may only be a few dollars, or it could be as much as $20-$30; it all depends on how far you’re going and what your state charges.

Snacks and drinks:

Snacks are of great use to take quick care of a little hunger, they recharge your batteries by providing you with lots of sugar and salts, a few energy bars, chips, cookies or maybe a bag of candy will serve the purpose. Storing liquids like juices, electrolytes and water to provide hydration for longer trips is a great hack. If urgent water can also act as an emergency coolant for your car.

COVID-19 SOP essentials:

Welcome to the new normal. Since the coronavirus outbreak, masks, sanitizers, gloves and shields have made their way into everyday lives. We’ve all accidentally forgotten our masks at home, how convenient would it be if we didn’t have to go all the way back and instead just open the glove box for a disposable one?

Cleaning equipment:

Dirt, dust, grease, fingerprints etc. can make it difficult to clearly view your surroundings. For surfaces like glass and your screens you can use a glass cleaning or touchscreen wipe – you can get them in individual-use packages that are perfect for console storage. A pair of tissue travel packs and a stack of extra fast-food napkins should be enough for regular travel that come in handy to clean up spilled food and drinks, messed up makeup etc.

Car seats/shields:

If you are travelling with an infant or a toddler then having a car seat can make your journeys with them safer. Every parent must buy appropriate sized car seats with respect to their child’s age and learn how to safely buckle them up to provide extra protection in case of an accident.

Car shields go in between the front and the back end of the car these generally are made out of a mesh fabric to prevent your pets from hopping over in the front, causing a distraction and potentially leading you into a collision. These shields are a must have for all pet parents.

Whether you are driving your car to your aunt’s home or having a long distance relocation, having these items in the car is always recommended. So for your next journey be sure to check all these items from your list. Safe driving!!