What are the long lasting gel nail polishes in the market?

Which girl doesn’t love her hands to be perfectly manicured and done up for her to conquer the day? But does that mean that you need to make frequent visits to your nail salon to get yourselves some beautifully manicured nails? No. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the factors that best gel nail polish brands follow in the making of their nail polishes!

  1. Chip-free

An issue that most girls deal with is having nails that are easily chipped off and where the paint wears off quite easily. Even when women make the ordeal of heading to the nail salon, this is a problem they still have to deal with. But a good nail polish brand would work to solve this issue.

  1. Duration

A good nail paint would be one that stays for a good 14 days. No matter the rough and tough usage, there are many brands offering the best gel nail polish which lasts up to even 3 weeks.

  1. Color changing

There are many nail paints that come in the following varieties:

  • Temperature color-changing
  • Glow in the dark
  • UV color changing in accordance with the sun
  1. Good nail polish should be odor-free.
  2. Good nail polish should let the nails breathe and shouldn’t be made of toxic chemicals.

Let’s take a look at the nail paints that flatter different nail shapes!

  1. Trapezoid shape

Try leaving the sides of your nail unpolished as it would help in making your nails thinner. Try avoiding applying pearly, milky, and neon tones on your nails as they would widen your nails more.

  1. Oval or square shape

Try to avoid applying cold colors and bright colors on your nails

So now that you know how to make your nails look their best self go forth and dazzle everyone with your stunning nails!