What are the Types of Challenges Encountered While Migrating to Office 365 Setup?

Office 365 is a business productivity software offered by Microsoft. The software has been embraced by a large number of organizations to replace the outdated workplace software in order to improve productivity. But migrating to office 365 comes with its own set of challenges. The following are the challenges that are faced by businesses while migrating to the office 365 setup to boost their productivity:


The office 365 setup is a powerful tool which comes with various features. Not every organization requires all the features present in the setup, since all employees would not be making use of them. On the other hand, employees may get comfortable with the software and resist learning to staying up to date with a new software leading to a decrease in productivity.  This is where the office 365 setup offers various subscription packages for companies to choose from. A company can choose the software pack that provides a better user experience for their employees. In this way, the organization can subscribe to the package that best suits their requirements.

Safety Concerns

Data privacy is an important concern for all companies. With various types of cloud migration being introduced, security issues could intensify and may go out of control. These concerns can be dealt with by choosing Microsoft products, which possess a strong security system and data encryption. Their products block unauthorized access to data. In addition to this, they ensure regular audits to remove any chances of data misuse or leakage.

Hybrid deployments

Some firms do not want to completely depend on cloud systems. They want to continue using their on-premises systems, at least partly. The office 365 setup from Microsoft allows such firms to manage user accounts from cloud and on-premises systems. The cloud setup offered can be seamlessly integrated with the on-premises systems offered by Microsoft such as SharePoint Server and Exchange Server. In this way, the firm’s looking to secure the best of both, cloud and on-premises systems can be assured of problem-free compatibility.


Organizations look for business productivity software that are customizable to meet their requirements. This type of flexibility may not be provided by all software. But, in the case of office 365, it offers several options to customize as per an organization’s needs. It is user friendly, allowing access to custom options enabling tasks to be carried out with ease.

Deciding a plan

Deciding the best fitting office 365 set up can pose challenges for organizations. Since Microsoft offers various packages to meet specific requirements, it is important for the firms to analyze their budget and prerequisites before picking a package. The packages offered are usually divided based on the size, nature, industry and other factors that the businesses operate in. Thus, to tackle the dilemma of choosing from the plethora of available options, companies must make informed decisions.

Boosting productivity is crucial for businesses to progress. Migrating to Microsoft office 365 setup can amplify the workflow efficiency and improve revenues. This change might cause few challenges for the users as listed above, which can be addressed effectively.