What Is Psychic Medium Readings & How To Find Best Spiritual Mediums Online?

Being able or having to talk to a medium is a desire of us many and definitely something we can use to our advantage. However, for some of you this is still an unknown topic and there are a lot of variables. Below, we will analyze the matter and explain all the points, specifics, details, and all other things you need to know. Let’s start with the basics and gradually increase the level of information. Go To Best Online Mediums Right Now!


Medium and psychic are not the same thing

Many people consider a psychic medium as a person who can give you helpful, spiritual, and other details from your past, present, or for your future. As such, a psychic and a medium are the same person and they do the same thing. Wrong! There is one major difference here.

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First of all, a medium and a psychic do offer similar or the same things depending on the purpose. However, they do this in different ways. The best way to understand this is to learn a few things about the methods these two use. Psychics generally use tarot, numerology, runes, tea leaves, palm reading, and many similar things.

A medium on the other hand uses his own experience, skills, and energy to connect to spirits. There are different types of spirits and we can see angels, animal spirits, passed family members, ascended masters, and more.

If you are interested in animal communication, you need to know that it means communicating to the animal spirits and not real animals. This skill is especially useful if you want to locate a lost pet.

To summarize all the things we have said. All readers out there are considered as psychics, but just a few of them are mediums. In other words, a medium is a special type of a psychic who communicates with passed ones, angels, and spirits in general.

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What a medium can do?

Now when you know what a medium is, let’s discuss what he can do. In the simplest explanation possible, a medium can contact spirits and give you their answers. This is needed in certain cases or when you want to change your life.

Usually, most mediums contact spirits when a client has some massive problem and there are no obvious solutions. Spirits can help him by providing needed information, specifics, and even instructions to the person. As such, a person can use those details into his own benefit and solve a problem he has.

Medium readings are also used when a spirit isn’t satisfied and when he left something in the physical realm that is still unsolved. This is much rarer these days but still very useful if you want to help your loved one to make a pass clearly and easily.

Mediums can find guidance from almost impossible sources and can help you by providing the steps you need to take. Although there are unlimited reasons when and why you need to use medium service, there are a few main reasons we would like to mention. They are:

  1. You want to know something from your past
  2. You want to know something about your future
  3. There are possible issues with the actions you make
  4. Connecting to angels is needed
  5. There are no obvious solutions in your life
  6. Want to know is the fiancé a love of your life
  7. Want to know more about the afterlife
  8. Want to connect with spiritual animals
  9. You want to try something new

So, as you can see contacting and using a spirit medium is more than just preferable. You get countless advantages but not a single drawback. There are no complications that will have any negative side effects on your life. In plain words, yes, you should contact a medium when you like and when you want to get valuable answers and details which can all change your life. This is so important that we will need a separate section.

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Change your life with medium help

Spiritual readings are so powerful and so effective that they are considered as magical. When nothing else from this mortal realm works, when there are no tips or tricks you can use, and when there are no steps you need to take, a medium is the key solution.

A medium will communicate with spirits according to your needs and provide you with guidance. All you need to do is to apply those findings to your life and you will change it almost instantly. Most of the clients are generally surprised after a medium session and they are able to make the change within days.

Real mediums are powerful psychics who can give you more answers than the questions you have. They will generally ask a few questions and then they will start giving you the details you actually need.

Generally speaking, you get guidance from a medium or more accurately from the spirits who are willing to help. In detail, we can see that the guidance affects love, life, actions, job, career and so much more. Probably a better explanation is that you get guidance for all aspects of life in one place.

Is online medium a real medium?

Due to the recent popularity of online mediums and psychics in general, we have to provide a separate section here. Online mediums are helpful and they are very powerful. They do the same thing and offer the same guidance as in the real world but from the comfort of your home.

A client will need to connect online to the medium, provide needed information, and get the answers. These answers are still obtained from spirits and not the medium himself. They are accurate and in most situations, you can choose with which spiritual creature you want to connect.

Due to the fact, all of this is done via the internet, there are no complicated steps, you don’t have to travel nor anything similar. You only need to have an internet connection and obviously internet-capable device and you are ready.

Another, important reason why online mediums are so popular is availability. You can contact and get help at any given moment. They are available 24/7 which is extremely important. Most of us need help when we actually need it, not a few hours later. This benefit made the online psychics so desirable and probably the favorite option of them all.

Methods mediums use

Here is the most interesting section for most of us. How mediums actually communicate with spirits and which options do we have within our disposal. If you have heard that there are unlimited options, you are wrong. There are a few of the main ones and countless sub-types or smaller variations. Below we will explain all the main methods.

  • Mental

The best psychic medium will likely use a mental method. It is done through telepathy and during the process, a medium can clairaudience (hear) or clairvoyance (see) the spirits and get the guidance. These psychics are also known as clairvoyant mediums and they are the most common of them all. There is no need to add that a medium will simply transfer the information from a spirit to a sitter. A sitter is a person who requests medium help.

There are two terms you saw earlier that need to be explained. The first one is clairvoyance. This means that a medium is able to see pass the physical matter on this realm and he can see spirits, energy, and more. Clairaudience refers to hearing the spirits in this world and transferring his words to a sitter.

  • Trance

Trance mediums are rarer but some do consider them as more advanced. What this means is that a medium will remove his own ego and he will allow for the message from the spirit to be sent and then interpreted in the mortal realm. Despite the confusion, most mediums will stay conscious during the entire process. In some situations, a spirit may borrow the mind of a medium in order to deliver the message.

The trance mediumship is more advanced, harder, and more complex for the medium himself. It may include the usage of the potions, dance, or something similar. All of those are needed in order for a medium to reach the desired state in which he can make contact with the spirits and transfer their guidance.

  • Physical

Physical mediumship is even more complicated to explain. It is possible, thanks to the ectoplasm. This is an energy that is released by a medium. By combining this and the energy of the spirits, he can make physical appearances and alterations to the surrounding area of the sitter. The most common manifestations involve usage of voices, signs, apports, and even materialized parts of a human body. These refer to hands legs and feet.

Best mediums of this kind are literally able to transfer spirits into this realm and to get answers directly from them. It does require even more practice and skills than any other method from above and it is done in specific situations for specific purposes.

  • Direct

Direct mediums are similar to the physical but there are a few differences. First of all, a medium of this type will only be used to connect the spiritual and physical realms together. Once this is done, a spirit can communicate to the sitter without any help from a medium or anyone else. These mediums are commonly known as trumpet mediums.

Keep in mind that the voice of a medium isn’t used in the process and it has no purpose here. As a sitter, you will be able to communicate to the spirit by yourself and you can get direct guidance.

  • Channeling

Channeling is the most complex and the hardest method of the list. To understand why this is the case, try to remember that a medium will have to pass the trance and allow the spirit to enter his body. When that happens, a spirit will use medium’s body to communicate to the sitter. A medium may keep his eyes open or closed.

A medium will allow for the spirit or a soul to enter his body and therefore complete the purpose. There are two main variations here. The first one is when a medium is unable to move or speak during the process and a spirit will do all the work. Once the spirit or a soul leaves the body, the medium is returned to his natural state.

A second option is even more complex. Mediums near me will keep the spirit inside them as long as needed to offer guidance. After this is done, a spirit will leave the body and return to his realm. This is a more preferable method if you want to get more details and instructions, over a longer period of time.

We must add that sleepwalking and channeling are 2 completely different things. There are no similarities and there are no links between the two.

Which method a medium will use once you contact him?  Most of them will start with mental mediumship. It is the most common and in most cases the most effective. There is no need to opt for another method. If this doesn’t work or a client seeks for a more advanced method, a medium can use trance or direct voice. Channeling is the most advanced of them all and it is reserved for more advanced purposes. A spiritualist medium will help you in multiple ways.


All you have to do now is to find a medium, schedule an appointment and you are ready. He or she will be able to give you details, specifics, and guidance almost immediately and you will be able to get back on the right path. The best part is the fact now you can use online mediums and you can use them every single day.