What you should know about U Wig and Short Bob Wig


Beautiful hairs or hair styles are the basis for having a charming personality for the attraction or good looking. When we hear the word wig, it comes to our mind that wigs are the hair that is any kind of hair animal hair, human hair or synthetic fibre. Wigs were first used in the historic Shakespeare’s play the two gentlemen of Verona. People use wigs for different purposes such as to hide baldness or for religious purposes. Most common use of wigs is the official use or the use in the film industry. In England Judges and Lawyers wear it, while actors wear it in almost all the film industries. Peter Clarkson and Peter King are the two best wig designers. Hollywood  actors like Lady gaga Cher( has used all kinds of wigs), Nicki minaj, Dolly Parton, are the prominent ones who are wearing wigs for longer times. Wigs have many types but I will focus on the two important ones.

1. U Part wig:

U Part wig is a kind of wig in which hairs are left out as wearing a sew in. It looks natural and beautiful. It is basically made for those people who do not like hair closures at the front of their forehead. The best U wigs are made with the 100 percent human hair. They are most commonly available. One can get them from online stores as well. They are mostly used by the film actors in order to perform different roles. There are many blockbuster movies in which actors have been spotted wearing wigs. U part wigs are also made from synthetic fibres and animal hairs but the best ones are made up of human hairs. U part wig is also used as a lace wig. One can make hair caps using U part wigs.

Sheitels are the kinds of wigs which are worn by Jew women. That is according to their law they have to cover their heads. Wigs of those people who practice Judaism are made up of human hair. Over the wig Jewish women usually wear another covering such as a hat while leaving the hairs downward.

2. Short pot wigs:

As the name suggests short pot wigs are shorter as compared to U part wigs. They are mostly used by males, but nowadays females use them as well. They are used to hide the baldness in males or they also use them for fashion purposes. Nowadays wigs are made so perfect that one cannot differentiate between the original hairs or a person wearing a wig. Short pot wigs originated in the 17th or 18th century when soldiers used to wear wigs in the battles. Every officer had his own style of wig. They were used heavily in wars by Britain and French armies. By the time if French revolution the concept of this short wig was removed by Napoleon. These kinds of wigs are also available in markets and online stores. They are a bit cheaper as compared to short pot wigs.  Merkin is also related to short pot wigs Short pot wigs are also used in Halloween.

Wigs have their side effects as well, a person wearing a big wig may have a headache or if a wig is not worn properly it will have pressure on the head which will become a result of headache. It is necessary to wash or condition the hairs regularly if someone wants to wear a wig. Many wigs can cause dandruff when they are not letting oxygen reach the hairs, it can also result in hair loss.