When Marijuana Became Illegal …

The history of the legality of marijuana in the United States has been recorded since the early 1900s. A regulation has been made then for cannabis that includes all uses medically, recreationally or industrially prohibited and labelled cannabis as a poisonous material and was accepted across many states. This was in 1906. 

The actual prohibition began years later around the 1920s and only became regulated and considered as a drug or a narcotic around the middle of the 1930s. This regulation which was also adopted by a total of 35 states was coined as the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.

In the 1970s, Cannabis was officially outlawed with the passing of the Controlled Substance Act, which included the ban of both medical and recreational uses of this substance including growing and selling marijuana seeds. During this time, the supreme court decided that the federal government has the power to exert its right to criminalize or regulate cannabis even if it was to be used medically.

The start of society’s turn started in 1996 when California made the Proposition 215. In 2012, the first few states who accepted and legalized Cannabis also allowed its recreational use and by 2016, the majority of the other states had agreed and joined in legalizing the medical use of Cannabis. These states are still debating whether to accept legalizing the recreational use as well.

Legalized Cannabis and today’s Marijuana

In 2018, Canada became the 1st G7 and G10 member nation to fully legalize and regulate the use of cannabis both recreationally and medically. And Canada became the 2nd country in the world to do so after Uruguay.  

The Cannabis Act that was submitted in the federal government of Canada allows the cultivation, possession, acquisition and consumption of marijuana itself and its by-products.

Every province was tasked to set its own regulations in terms of the procedures for the procedures of the retail sales of these products and how they should vary based on the ownership of these outlets may it be by the government or a private entity.

Statistics have shown that even before the country’s cannabis legalization, there were hundreds of thousands of Canadians recorded who have spent roughly over 6 billion Canadian dollars to purchase legal marijuana elsewhere and in other countries that were mostly intended for medical uses only.

In October 2019, around 7 months after the legalization, it was recorded that the total sales for legal weed were around 524 million Canadian dollars because only a few retail outlets were operational and were planned for many more to follow, strategically in each and every state. This was expected to grow more substantially as the full legalization plan is getting implemented, which one by one allows use of other by-products or Cannabis derived products that are labelled and sold to the public.

Marijuana Growing Today…

The recent legalization of Cannabis in the western countries has allowed many researchers, cultivators, breeders and scientists to legally study and observe the aspects that revolve around the marijuana plant. This has allowed multiple breakthroughs happening at lightning speed because they can now perform their processes without having to hide from the law.

Cannabis genetics has been “played around” with and practiced since the 70’s and even though this was illegal, some of the most potent and popular strains that are still in its former glory and remain in its old form until today. These are still widely in demand and are at times becoming expensive because of the potency of it and as well as the reputation of that particular strain has garnered praise over the years of satisfying its consumers.

Yet, with the recent advancement in technology and genetics, new age breeders and cultivators have improved their growing techniques massively and efficiently. 

Modern marijuana growing both commercially or not are now able to produce super crops that pump up and produce high potency and high-quality buds in high volumes.

Today, if you have had that inner desire to explore and understand the satisfaction of growing your own supply of marijuana flowers or buds, may it be both medically and recreationally, it is just as easy now as 1,2,3 to get you started. 

All you have to do is look for a reputable seed bank that sells high-quality cannabis seeds, pick the seed you like, get it shipped, prepare your grow space and viola! Isn’t that a spectacular picture to paint after centuries of being illicit and hidden from the eyes of the law, is now grown and enjoyed peacefully in the comforts of our own home. Anyways, they say gardening is so therapeutic in many ways right? Happy Growing!