Why Exness broker is so popular?

The foreign exchange market is responsible for giving opportunities to worldwide traders. Through currency trading, many traders earn huge sums. Since this was a vast decentralized system even before the pandemic hit, plenty of trading sites were already available. Nonetheless, not all trading sites are trustworthy. There are many scam sites and apps that spring up every other day.

Finding forex traders that are legitimate and reliable and have the most significant number of features is complex. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, a popular broker, exness broker, stands true to its name as one of the best brokers to trade within the market today.

What is Exness?

A much-talked-about forex broker, exness is a platform that has served hundreds of users in the past decade, creating a reputable brand name in the market. It aims to provide people with a platform that offers safe, secure, and super-efficient trading worldwide. It has all the features of the best platform out there and even has a demo account for beginners. The splendid Forex broker “Exness” has a record of billions of dollars worth of safe and secure trading under its name. If this isn’t enough, the following are just some of the reasons why exness brokers are so popular in the market.

What makes excess stand out from the rest?

Being unique is a blessing and a curse, but it takes time to build a name in the market. Exness is a name that is known for trust and reliability. Exness has spent years working to achieve its goal, and today, it stands as one of the biggest labels in the trading industry, which is no shock to its competitors. Here are just a few reasons why excess is so popular.

1.Amazing first impression

With bold colors and striking images, this is a site different from the rest. The first impression holds immense importance. As the saying goes: “first impressions are the last impressions.” The first impression of this platform is from its site. The site features a beautiful, bold, and user-friendly interface. Even the site is super fun and easy to use and navigate. It makes it an excellent place for newcomers or beginners as it is inviting and easy for them, thus encouraging more trading and equal chances for everyone worldwide.

2.Exness offers the best rates out there through ECN

One of the significant differences between trading sites are their rates. With incredible rates via ECN, exness lets individuals trade while connecting with a bank with the best rates in the market. The system compares prices, and the algorithm enables you to know the best possible rates being offered.

In addition to the best rates, exness offers instant withdrawal of cash, a 24/7 support team in over ten languages, and instant and market execution. The leverage is 1:2000 in standard accounts and 1:unlimited in other premium accounts. Excess has something for everyone.

3.A plethora of accounts types to choose from

Exness has four major types of accounts, for beginners to expert traders. The beginners are advised to sign up for the Cent account, and more experienced traders can sign up for mini and classic types.

4.Super easy for beginners

Trading is something that always welcomes more people. Nonetheless, this does not make trading any easier. Exness keeps this in mind; while it does invite and is open to traders from zero to highly experienced ones, it also does help beginners until they get the hang of the trading world.

The Cent account is recommended; this account needs no minimum deposit to set up; In addition, the margin requirements are set low too for beginners. The bill has a low spread, the inferior margin required, no minimum amount, and excellent local support. In addition, it only lets beginners trade a small amount since they aren’t aware of the changing trends in the market as an experienced broker would be.

5.Safe and legitimate

A significant fear for new traders nowadays is that the trading platform they are using is a scam. Or perhaps it’s not accredited. However, you don’t have to fear anything; two significant departments regulate exness brokers.

  • FCA in the UK
  • CySec in Cyprus

Both these authorities make exness all the more reliable. In addition to it being entirely dependable, it’s super safe, too, as exness is liable to the investor compensation fund in case of any mishaps. Furthermore, account security is super tight at exits; they utilize the 2-factor protection system, making your accounts extra secure. The company has unique security systems and methods for not only your funds but your personal information too.

6.Amazing support team

The customer support team at Exness is one of the finest in the world. Since the trading market never sleeps, they offer 24/7 technical support in 13 different languages to all its traders without any discrimination worldwide.