Wise Move- Transforming the online transport market in New Zealand

You finally decided to make a move across town. However, you have one problem that just won’t go away. How do you move all your furniture and appliances across town?

Well, if you live in New Zealand, the answer to that question can vary. Furniture removals and transportation can be quite tough to pull off. Most homeowners in New Zealand end up spending a fortune trying to pull this off.

Most people turn to move companies to solve this problem. However, finding the right moving company can take a lot of research and time. Wise Move seeks to take away this problem and some more.

Wise Move- Making moving look seamless is an online transport marketplace that has been around for quite some time now. It provides an amazing platform that connects people who are looking to find moving companies with these companies. It allows them to interact and strike a deal in a secure, friendly environment.

With this innovation, say goodbye to hours of research just to find the right moving company. Wise Move movers have got you completely covered!

What makes the company special?

Well, apart from the fact that they are the first of its kind in New Zealand, there are a number of benefits that come from using this marketplace. Here are some of them;

It’s way cheaper

Say goodbye to terribly high quotes with this innovation. You get to choose the moving company of your choice. It gives you leverage as these companies will be competing for your services. This translates into a much lower price.


For most homer movers in New Zealand, furniture removals are one of the most important aspects of moving. Therefore, moving them on to your new location is pretty important.

With wise move movers, you get to negotiate with moving companies on the items you want to move. From furniture to other appliances in the home, the option you have open to you is limitless.

Delivery Costs

One of the biggest problems associated with more conventional ways of finding a moving company is delivery costs. The probability of you getting a backload becomes much higher. Backload will subsequently mean that you have to pay more for delivery.

This is completely different from wise move movers. They ensure that delivery is done on time and with less cost. It’s a win-win scenario for you. Auckland movers and Wellington movers will especially find this quite exciting.

Faster Research

Wise move movers is a platform where every user has a profile. Each customer has a chance to write a review about their experience with the moving company.

This ensures that you know what you are getting into. It also encourages transparency on the platform. With reviews to guide you and verified moving companies at your beck and call, you can be assured that furniture removals will be a piece of cake.


Remember, we mentioned moving companies being verified? Well, this applies to everyone!  It’s a mandatory obligation that proof of identity be submitted by every user. This ensures trust and safety at its highest.

Utilized Vehicles

Unlike conventional moving arrangements, wise move movers make it a point of call in ensuring that vehicles used to move furniture and other appliances are properly utilized. The end result? Delivery will be done faster and at lower delivery costs.

Customers and moving companies will have minimum issues working with each other.

Wise move movers provide their customers with the opportunity to save more 70% in prices and costs.

The Smart Choice

So would you like to save money, time and still get a great deal in the end? I’m guessing you would. For all home movers in New Zealand, this is the smart choice, a dream come true.